Semerit Strachan

Semerit Strachan

The Arts + Healing Connection

Sun. June 17 - 6:00 - 8:00 PM
Emy Frentz Arts Guild

Free Event.

Deva Nation and Twin Rivers present an exploration into illness as the invitation to heal. Please join us in an artistic practice that can free the body’s healing mechanisms. 

Semerit Strachan, M.D., Intentional Creativity Coach, will lead us through a powerful creative process to experience how art unites body, mind, and spirit. Through creativity we will bring together logic and reasoning with inner feeling and spiritual wisdom.   

“Most of the time our discussion approach to health is done verbally through the left side of the brain. We are bringing to bear the right side of the brain that can apprehend levels of emotional events through color, shapes and patterns.  A more effective partnership between both sides of the brain can bring wholeness, wellness, or the resolution of a challenge.”, Semerit Strachan.

Experience art as a healing force.