The best way to ensure that the arts are woven into the fabric of our communities is to plan for it.

As the arts commission for the City of Mankato and North Mankato, Twin Rivers is involved in making sure that arts and culture are integrated into community development strategic plans.

Current Planning Initiatives

City of Mankato Arts and Culture Plan Update 2017

The city of Mankato is undergoing an arts and culture plan update. Join us for any one of the focus groups happening throughout the month of March. Each focus group will dig deeper into a particular topic around the arts/culture planning priorities. Learn More >> 

If you missed the Open Houses on February 21 and 25, you can share your answers to our discussion questions at this survey

View the presentation from February 21 and 25.

If you have thoughts on specific locations that could benefit from arts and cultural initiative, our Community Remarks public engagement site allows you to “drop a pin” on the map and comment on a specific site. There are also some additional general questions: visit the Community Remarks site.

Arts and Historic District

The Arts & Historic District is a community initiative coordinated by the City Center Partnership to assess how Mankato can proactively cultivate an Arts & Historic District into an authentic and sustainable arts and cultural district for our region. Public engagement occurred back in February 2016. The feasibility report will be published shortly.

North Mankato Public Art Ideas Plan

The city of North Mankato is teaming up with Twin Rivers to develop a Public Art Ideas Plan. The goal is to create a public art idea bank that can be used by the city as a guide to integrate public art into existing planning initiatives.
For the past four months an advisory group made up of North Mankato residents, artists, community leaders and city staff have been meeting to explore new ways to incorporate public art into North Mankato, helping to create a more cohesive visual identity for our community.  
Thank you to everyone who submitted their public art ideas at the February 2 open house. A draft plan will be ready for review at the end of March 2017. For more information on this planning process or to leave a comment, visit

Envision 2020 State of the Community Report

This report is a summary of Phase 2 of Envision 2020, a community based visioning process which began in 2005. The Phase 2 State of the Community Report highlights each Key Performance Area’s mini-vision, goals and the rationale for each goal. The purpose and desire for the community report is to invigorate community stakeholders and encourage all members of the community to work towards a stronger and more vibrant region. Learn More >>

Previous Planning Documents

Arts, Culture and Community Enhancement Plan (2007)

Outlines the develop of a community culture that supports the arts, promoting our existing assets and fostering new ones, encouraging diversity, education and an entrepreneurial spirit that benefits both the community spirit and economic life of the region. Learn More >>

City Center Renaissance Plan

Developed in 2007, the City Center Renaissance Plan builds on Greater Mankato’s previous planning efforts and reinforces the opportunities that created the historical community in the Valley. The plan calls for a rebirth of the City Center by strengthening the interdependence of residential, industrial, service and commercial sectors through revitalization, reconnection, and reinvestment. The City Center’s strong employment base, civic facilities, historical assets and unique character provide the foundation for the development of strategies that will foster the goals of a Renaissance.  Learn More >>

Get Involved

What does arts and culture in Greater Mankato mean to you? We want to know! Be a part of the upcoming community engagement process. 

  • Focus group - Promotion + Support, Twin Rivers Council for the Arts at the Emy Frentz Arts Guild 3/21/2017 at 6:30pm
  • Focus group - Multiculturalism + the Arts, Craft Collective at Centenary Methodist Church 3/23/2017 at 5pm
  • Focus group - Arts + Culture in Education, VINE 3/31/2017 at 1pm