Through strategic collaboration, Twin Rivers Council for the Arts enriches and strengthens our communities by celebrating, supporting and promoting regional arts and culture. 



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Tuesday, April 25, 4-7 PM

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Public Art

Public art is putting Greater Mankato on the map as a hotbed for artists, and Twin Rivers is leading the way to make public art one of the fastest growing art forms in our community.  


Call for Entry


Twin Rivers is committed to providing access to resources and opportunities for artists, sharing current local and regional listings. 


Artists are at the core of our mission. Twin Rivers is committed to providing professional development and networking opportunities for individual artists and arts groups.




The work of Twin Rivers is fueled by the support of new interns and volunteers. Gain professional experience and meet other arts enthusiasts by joining our community. 


Our members believe, like we do, that arts and culture play a big role in shaping our vibrant community. Learn more about membership benefits.




Watch and read how Twin Rivers Council for the Arts is making an impact on the arts community in Greater Mankato.


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Featured Affiliate


Musicorum was founded in 1995. Dr. David Taylor founded the group and served as Musicorum's first music director, from 1995 to 1999. It became well known for its December performances of holiday choral music in Mankato's Good Counsel Chapel.

Today, the ensemble has about 20 singers. The group performs many outstanding choral works that bridge centuries of composition. Musicorum holds its winter concerts each December, with spring performances the last Saturday in April. Musicorum enters this season committed to the mission that animated its founding: to bring outstanding performances of high-quality music to Southern Minnesota audiences.

Photos of the Month

"...Journey Throughout..." 


Starving Artist Annual Event

A benefit for Twin Rivers

2017 Starving Artist at the Temple

Save the Date!
Friday, September 22, 2017 – 8:00pm – 11:00pm

2016 Starving Artist at the Poor Farm

Starving Artist at the Poor Farm was a fun and eclectic fundraiser for Twin Rivers at the home of Brian and Wilbur Frink on September 23, 2016. Watch the video and learn more about our annual event.