Resolution Designating Twin Rivers Council for the Arts to Act as an Arts Commission for the City of Mankato

Whereas, the City of Mankato desires to encourage the artistic expression and involvement of its citizens and enhance the cultural, educational, recreational and economic contributions provided by the arts as a means of benefiting the public welfare; and

Whereas, there is a need for the organized planning of cultural events and experiences which will further the cultural, educational and recreational goals of the City for maintaining and improving the quality of living in our community; and

Whereas, the City has identified the need for a local organization to serve as a mechanism for developing public/non-profit partnerships with local, state, and regional arts councils; and

Whereas, the interests of each of the various arts organizations are better represented by a single agency comprised of interested individuals drawn from the wealth of local professional artists and arts nonprofits; and

Whereas, Twin Rivers Council for the Arts has proven to be and is recognized as an organization that can best meet the City's needs in this regard.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, by the City Council for the City of Mankato that the Twin Rivers Council for the Arts (TRCA) be and hereby is designated as an arts commission for the City of Mankato and as such will on behalf of the City of Mankato:

  • promote, coordinate, and strengthen private and public programs to further the cultural development of the community;
  • advise the City of Mankato on matters involving the arts;
  • encourage and aid in the appreciation and awareness of, and participation in, the arts by all the citizens of Mankato;
  • encourage cooperation and coordination among individuals, organizations, and institutions concerned with the arts in the Greater Mankato area;
  • facilitate in the development of new and existing arts organizations and programs; and
  • serve as a clearinghouse for information about Greater Mankato artists, arts programs, facilities, organizations and institutions and encourage public awareness utilization and support of those resources.

dated this 24th day of October, 2011