Public art is one of the fastest growing forms of artistic expression in our community.  

Twin Rivers is here to help guide artists; to make their ideas become a reality. Twin Rivers works with the City of Mankato and North Mankato on creating public art policy and procedure in order to educate and streamline the process for artists. Twin Rivers also facilitates many calls for art for each city and other public/private partnerships. 

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Twin Rivers facilitates several large scale public art programs through CityArt, a partnership of Twin Rivers Council for the Arts and the City Center Partnership, Greater Mankato’s downtown association. The goals of CityArt are to provide free and accessible public art for the community’s enjoyment and help revitalize our neighborhoods through public art.

Current CityArt programming includes the CityArt Walking Sculpture Tour, CityArt On the Go, and the Public Art Tour. For more information on all CityArt programs, visit the official CityArt website.



PUBLIC art ADVISORY committee

Twin Rivers formed the Public Art Advisory Committee representing Mankato and North Mankato in 2017. The Committee is responsible for developing a public art collection that is integrated into the fabric of the City of Mankato and North Mankato, and reflects a broad range of community input and involvement by artists and art professionals.   The Public Art Advisory Committee is responsible for reviewing, advocating and developing public art projects in the public domain for both cities.  

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Current Public Art Advisory Committee

  • Pam Coughlan - Connect the Grey
  • Brian Frink - TRCA board member and MSU Prof. of Art and dept. chair
  • Noelle Lawton - exec. dir. of TRCA
  • Eric Lennartson - Abacus Engineering and TapeScape artist
  • Antje Meisner - TRCA board VP and Antje Meisner Concepts
  • Tami Paulsen - CCP chair and formerly of Paulsen Architects and ISG
  • Richard Robbins - MSU Prof. of English and dir. of Creative Writing


The Public Art Advisory Committee meets quarterly or on an as-needed basis for special projects at the Emy Frentz Arts Guild.

Next meeting - Monday, September 11, 2017 - NOON


Find a complete listing of Mankato outdoor public art on the Google map below.