Starving Artist at Chesley featured over 65 artists performing, installing, and skating through Chesley Skate Park. Twin Rivers honored the third Emy Award winner, Tami Paulsen, long time supporter of the arts in Greater Mankato. The event culminated in a surprise announcement of the upcoming Silo Art Project in partnership with Ardent Mills. Artist, Guido van Helten was at the event to introduce himself and his work to the public.

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Starving Artist at the Temple featured over 85 artists performing, interacting and selling their artwork to over 200 attendees. The event was held in the historic Masonic Temple. Twin Rivers honored the second Emy Award winner, Ron Vetter of Vetter Stone Company.

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Starving Artist at the Poor Farm was a fun and eclectic fundraiser for Twin Rivers at the home of Brian and Wilbur Frink on September 23, 2016. The event featured an array of local artists performing throughout the night, interacting with guests and showcasing the rich talent of the arts in southern MN. 

We also honored our first "Emy Award" winner, Dave Christensen for his outstanding volunteerism and support of the arts in 2016. 

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